When you’re writing your product descriptions, naming your business, creating a logo and choosing your products we tend to dedicate a lot of care and time.

However, we can be quick to use the defaults provided through Shopify or apps and not personalize or customize any aspect of our messaging.

While the presets are completely fine, but they don’t always identify with your unique brand voice and bring your customer service to the next level. Every brand has its own voice. This voice needs to carry through from the landing page to every bit of messaging you have with your customers. You want to create a shopping experience for your customers to drive loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

How you frame yourself and your business is vital and you build trust through consistency. People often purchase from brands they’ve built relationships with rather than individual products. 

We've said it before: 

80% of your future sales will come from 20% of your existing customers.

So we need to take care with how we approach these customers, engage with them and make their customer experience the best we can. If you check out these 20 awesome examples of abandoned cart copy from  successful brands, you can see some great examples of carving out your brand voice and style. This will lead you to truly appeal to your niche market and push through even the most stubborn of sales.

Be Yourself

“Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.” - Lady Gaga

The most important thing is to simply keep the branding and style you have built for your company strong, and really let your voice shine. Whether you hold a more conservative tone, or prefer things on the lighthearted and silly side, be true to that. Here are a few businesses who know who they are and weren't afraid to share it.

These emails balance humor and clarity in a way that makes you want to complete the purchase. They are very branded, with a ton of personality. The brand and audience were both considered in these fantastic examples.

Killer Subject Lines

63% of people decide if they will open an email based on the subject line. These companies went the extra mile to ensure their abandoned cart emails are lighthearted and branded, but interesting enough that you want to open the email. Here are some great examples. 

In these examples, notice the best subject lines included some or all of the following characteristics:

  1. The idea that you forgot something, rather than leaving it.
  2. A sense of urgency.
  3. Humor.
  4. A friendly tone.

A Call to Action that calls Customers Back

The goal of your abandoned checkout emails is not only to be opened but to complete those sales. This means you need a well-crafted and clear call to action. The following companies pulled off the CTA perfectly. 

Sometimes "Buy Now" isn't enough. You need to be creative, as in Chubbie's "Teleport to your cart". You could also try something like "Keep Exploring the Store" or " Make it yours" like Levis.

Showcase your product

The customer liked your product enough to add it to the cart, so give them a taste of what they’re leaving behind! Using prominent product photos helps create a fear of missing out on the product, which can help lead customers back to the checkout.  Here’s a fantastic example of a product showcase: 

The product photos are of the actual product left in the cart. They take front and center in these great emails, and let the product do most of the talking.

Convey Urgency 

Speaking of a fear of missing out, let’s talk urgency. You want your customers to feel like they need to quickly complete the purchase or they’ll lose the product.

This can be a limited time offer, such as a coupon with an expiry or a sense of product scarcity (there’s only a few left!)

Make Messaging Mobile-Friendly

In 2019, at least half of your web traffic likely comes from a mobile device. So if you’re sending emails that aren’t optimized, or not making the most out of our SMS and push features, you could be missing the mark. 

Here’s a couple great examples:

I especially love Lush's. Lush has ensured that their menus, images, and copy are all optimized for mobile. Nothing feels clunky. Like CartKit’s default email templates, it is responsive and not too content heavy.

Now you're feeling inspired. So how do you get started making some amazing Email, SMS and Push notifications?

In CartKit, you can:

  • Create automated triggers for when a cart is abandoned
  • Set a timer for when each email goes out
  • Customize your copy and branding in the email editor.
  • Use the Flows feature to visualize and set your abandoned cart sequence. 
  • Use growth tools to encourage customers to share the information needed to follow up with them. 
  • Set multiple follow-up attempts, since the highest conversion rates result from a series of three.