You have a thriving in-person business. You sell at local craft shows or markets, or you have a brick and mortar store. You know things are progressively getting more digital- and that means online sales. Not wanting to miss out on that market, you want to try your hand at online sales.

According to the Pew Research Center, 8 out of 10 Americans are online shoppers, so you know getting a website is the right choice. But how do you take the success you've created offline and funnel it into your eCommerce?

Offer a discount on your offline sales if the customer leaves a written review online.

An alternative would be to ask for their email address at purchase and use a review app to request a review.

Offer incentives  or discounts for video testimonials of your products.

Record the videos of at least 20 customers (30 seconds) showing their review by offering them discounts and paste these review videos on the landing pages (where a product is listed for sale), and it's been proved that video reviews work 30x better than traditional written reviews online.b You can use a service like Vouch for this.

Create a Facebook page for your in-person customers to follow and share.

If someone likes your brand offline, they're probably going to like it online. Make sure your website and Facebook page offer a pleasant user experience with opportunities for your customers to tell their friends about you. Building an online community can grow genuine, interested customers.

Create Business Cards and product tags with your website and social pages on them.

This will help your in-person customers find you online, so they can leave comments or shop from the comfort of their homes. This is great because switching your offline customers to online customers can sometimes lower the overhead and time investment on your conversions.

Give your in-person customers a great good reason to visit your site.

A 'best feedback' competition or a giveaway at a certain time on a certain day can be awesome ways to get your loyal customers to your website.

Remember, if your Goal is to grow online sales, know that reviews are only a small part. You should look at an overall marketing plan to drive traffic to the online store.

Learning marketing strategy and tooling can feel like learning a foreign language.

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