We know that implementing a marketing strategy usually means spending money or time on complicated platforms, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. As a new entrepreneur, you’re probably looking for alternative tactics to bring traffic into your store - and we have you covered!  

Begin with your close community

Word-of-mouth marketing can be an effective tool to improve conversion without spending a penny. 

Whether it’s your relatives, friends or your chosen family - we’re certain that there’s people out there who will support your new project! 

Encourage them to share what you do, because even if what you’re selling at this time is not a fit for them, perhaps someone from their own social circle will be interested.

Find connections offline

To complement the first point, if the product you’re selling could benefit a specific demographic group, you can team up with a local community! Share the importance of supporting a small business, the perks of purchasing from your store, the comfort of buying online and your reward program.

Provide valuable content for your customers 

Sharing high-quality content, ebooks, infographics or free webinars will help you to build trust among your visitors - this not only shows that you know the product  but also your concern in helping your customers to get the best of it. 

In exchange, a simple email sign-up form to grow your email marketing list. A follow up with those who subscribe will be the beginning of your conversion funnel.

Create a loyalty program

From a consumer standpoint, we love getting free stuff or knowing that our purchases will actually have an impact in the future. A loyalty program will help you to create a die-hard fan base and increase your customer lifetime value.

Implementing a referral program so your customers can invite their friends in exchange for a discount will maintain an ongoing cycle without much effort. 

Social media strategy

This is not just about creating content and building a presence online - think of how you want your customers to see your brand. 

You can create unique hashtags to stand out from your competitors and you can also make use of quality hashtags to position your brand in the radar.

Another great option is creating lifestyle content that your customers can relate with. For example, if you’re selling sportswear for women, use images that portray the audience you want to target, women going for a hike, women at the gym or running at the beach.

These strategies will definitely raise awareness about your store and, if executed correctly, bring organic traffic into your store.