On an eCommerce platform where you can have hundreds of product variants, collections and sub collections, selling one product can feel small. 

Your selection might be small, but your impact and your ideas are big. 

Yeah, yeah. Variety is the spice of life. But maybe your product is like perfectly ripe fruit or indulgent artisanal cheese. If you have a great idea, and a great product, you don’t need seasonings. 

Don’t believe me? Here are a few examples of stores that made it big selling only one product: 


LootCrate or other subscription boxes



Without further adieu, let’s get into how you can make your single product store a huge success. 

1.Know Your Niche

If you’re going to sell a single product, you need to really understand your customer. Your product should be unique and targeted towards a certain type of person. You should try creating a persona for your ideal customer. Hootsuite has a great free template to get you started. 

You can also supplement and validate your persona using the Customer Profile feature in Consistent Cart. 

2. You’re building a website, but you’re also building a brand.

With only one product, your website story and branding are paramount. To get started, check out this awesome branding guide we built for our customers. 

3. The Price is Right

Make sure you really consider your pricing strategy for your product. You need to make a profit, but your product has to offer value for money as well. If you want to charge more, make sure you really present all the value your product brings to customers on your product page. If someone else is selling the same product, make sure yours is not more expensive than theirs. 

4. You’ve got 99 problems, but space ain't one.

So maybe you’re looking at your homepage, with its single product sandwiched between a header and a footer. There’s an opportunity here! Use this space to go through product features, display reviews, or videos of the product.
Software companies do this ALL the time. Just look at Shopify’s website. This is technically a single product store, except the product is software as a service. Really look at how Shopify utilizes the space to educate and entice. You can do this in your store too!

5. Embrace the larger than life hero banner

These are super trendy and honestly perfect for showcasing your single product. Make the image memorable, and bold and watch it all come together. 

6. Market your Product

You can and should use Google or Facebook ads for your store to drive traffic. To do so effectively, you need to really understand your product and why people need it. This will help you craft the targeting and tagline of your ad. 

As well, you should A/B test your ads, especially when your website is new. 

There’s no shame at all in doing one thing well.

This makes you a master in your field. With just one product, you can really focus on your customer needs, without the noise of “options” and “variety” constantly buzzing in your mind.  

Use the time to create truly branded, engaged marketing and remarketing material.

You can get started for free using Consistent Cart!