Product? Check.
Website? Check.
Promotion? …

Promoting outside of paid ads or Instagram/Facebook posts can feel intimidating. It’s understandable since there’s so much to know and so many platforms to consider. However, you want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of what the internet has to offer. 

Here are 8 of my favorite Social Platforms for promotion.

Facebook groups

Chances are you belong to one. Probably more than one, to be honest. That doesn’t mean you have begun diving into how you can use these groups to promote your business though. 

With Facebook groups, you can share content which adds value for your customers and engages them.  Remember to think of your group as a hub for your customers and their interests, rather than a group of people to blast your product to, though, or people will unlike in droves. 

This group can also be a great place to follow up on customer questions about your policies, products and more. You can recognize your top contributors to encourage and gamify engagement as well. 

Here’s how to create a Facebook Group for your business.


Linkedin means business, in quite a literal way. When people log in to other social networks, it’s usually driven by fun. When people log in to Linkedin, its for business and work.

This platform is a goldmine, particularly for those with a Business to Business (B2B) product, like software companies. 

The users you reach contribute to the gold mine, as just under half of LinkedIn users boast household incomes over $100,000.

As well, a report by Econsultancy stated the biggest contributor to referral traffic is Linkedin, with more traffic sent than Twitter and Facebook combined.

To promote on Linkedin, make sure you have a complete profile, and connect with a lot of other users. I suggest finding users in similar fields to connect with. 

Post helpful content, both made by yourself and from the content suggestions, and become valuable to those seeing your posts. 

If you’re willing to invest your money as well as your time, sponsored content lets you promote brand updates to targeted audiences to drive leads.


Twitter is a great place to engage your audience with short-form text, videos, and images. 

Make sure to engage customers and respond to tweets as well as posting. Twitter is a very back-and-fourth platform. Twitter is like a water cooler rather than a message board, so join in the conversation.

A great way to engage and fine your audience is to use hashtags. This is a less is more situation, where one or two good hashtags are much more effective than a slew of trending unrelated ones. 

Like any other social platform, the more time and strategy you can devote to your Twitter feed and responses, the better it will perform. If you get it right, Twitter can be an excellent promotion tool for your business.


Right off the bat, the most obvious perk of using Pinterest to promote your business is Sharing your products. You can pin products to share with other users, and you can even add a price tag. When you add the price tag option, you assign your website link to it.

As you can own several boards, I recommend grouping your pins into product categories for specific customers, such as items for car enthusiasts, musicians, artists, etc. 

Pinterest is great for those looking to improve their SEO as well! When you create pins for your products, this creates built-in backlinks whenever you or other users repin, which improves your search engine ranking. 


Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not. Chances are if you have Googled a direct question, you may have come across this website. This Q & A community is bustling these days, so it’s a great place to build authority and create content. 

If you post questions,  you can learn more about your audience which you can in turn use to improve your product offerings and marketing strategy. 

If you answer questions, you can establish credibility and gain visibility if you get enough upvotes. 

Some other perks of Quora are:

  • The ability to target your question to specific users
  • The ability to publish content 
  • The ability to Search for specific questions or topics related to your business
  • The ability to spend credits to improve the visibility of your question

By creating an account and joining the conversation, you can gain exposure to the platform’s 700,000+ monthly visitors. You can also bury yourself in a vast library of information and feedback about your industry, which can push product decisions later on.


Reddit can be an awesome place to promote your business if you’re wary. You need to keep in mind that on the front page of the internet, they aren’t keen on spam and blatantly advertising products or services.

If you are spamming your brand, the admins will ban your profile or your entire domain from Reddit.

You should create a genuine profile and take some time to get to know the community and your chosen subreddits before you begin any marketing. Listen to and engage in conversations, answer questions and provide opinions. 

Be patient, then in a few weeks, you can begin.  

On Reddit, you can choose from two different types of posts; Link posts and text posts. Link posts direct users to an external site and text posts are hosted right on Reddit. 

Some important tips are: 

  • Don’t be overly promotional
  • Submit links to many other websites
  • Avoid submitting the same comment to different subreddits
  • Never ask for upvotes
  • Don’t share sensitive information or illegal content.

Reddit is can be very attractive for brands to engage groups of users, just make sure to follow the community guidelines, so you don’t get banned or turn readers off your brand.


If you don't already have a blog on your website, Medium is a great place to start one. When you create content, the platform allows your brand to experiment with different forms of messaging to see what connects with your audience.

As a bonus, you can double down on your social media efforts! All of your followers from Twitter and Facebook can be connected directly to your medium profile. This helps you establish your initial audience, but with Medium, your posts will be shown in the timeline of people who liked similar content.

Slack communities

Slack’s tagline is “a place where work happens,”  and it’s hard to disagree. It’s where millions of people, including the CartKit Team, connect and get down to business. 

Slack is an app that users can find themselves on constantly. Especially with Slack communities, where you can connect with other brands, marketers, and audiences. has a fabulous roundup of Slack communities for Entrepenuers I recommend checking out. 

A super handy feature of Slack and Slack Communities is the ability to monitor posts and keywords.  This way, when someone mentions your niche, brand or products, you can get an alert. This allows you to engage more readily with your users or customers. 

Slack is a versatile collaboration tool for teams, but really there’s so much more to it! Using the right features, it’s a hub where you can get the word out about your business and track conversations about your brand. 

Now keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list of platforms. There are tons of different strategies and platforms out there, with more being released every month.