Lead magnets are one of the most essential elements in any lead generation strategy. As its name reveals, lead magnets attract and bring prospects to business. To achieve that objective, you need to make sure what you freely give out (your lead magnets or freebies) is irresistible enough.

Here are the 9 high-converting lead magnet ideas and examples you can follow to grow your email list. You can even leverage these ideas to boost sales in the holiday shopping period.

Before diving into the ideas, let's discover:

What makes a good lead magnet?

The checklist below will help you asset if your lead magnets are good enough:

  1. Solves real problems: if your lead magnet fails to solve a problem that your customers are suffering, it won't work at all/
  2. Helps the audience quickly achieve something: your lead magnets should help your customers easily obtain something they really want
  3. Specific benefit: The more specific benefit your lead magnet delivers to customers, the more effective it is.
  4. Short and easy to digest: a short and concise PDF checklist works really well as they are so quick and easy to understand. Be careful with eBooks or lengthy reports, they might overwhelm your prospects.
  5. Instantly accessible: people love something can be delivered right away. So, make sure to bring your lead magnets to the prospect asap, don't make them wait!

Now, you should be able to evaluate your lead magnets. It's time to walk through the next point:

9 Ways to increase email list with Lead Magnets

No one will be voluntarily sharing their personal email addresses with you unless they have a reason. Lead Magnets are the best way to stimulate customer’s interest in your business and make them share their contact info like the email id. There are many ways to use lead magnets.

Let’s drive our attention towards some of the incredible lead magnets ideas described below and explore their powerful capabilities, some of them might interest you a lot:

  1. Leverage the power of video series
  2. Downloadable Content
  3. Templates
  4. Tutorials
  5. Bonuses, Discounts, Offers, Coupons
  6. Free Trails
  7. Podcasts
  8. Online Quizzes
  9. Reports and Case Studies

Leverage the power of video series

The 21st century is a digital book where the internet is the backbone of every business. Hence, to generate quality leads, you need to advertise your content through visuals. There is no better visual stimulus than a live or recorded video. You can get involved in making knowledgeable videos about your business. For example, record and post educational videos if you have a tutoring channel or website. Send video links through the email about your live classes and webinars. Generate product and services video if you have an eCommerce business. A video helps you interact well with your customers and hence, get quality leads. In a nutshell, a highly interactive video is one of the best lead magnets for email marketing.

Skillshare (or other online courses platform) does this very well. Among their paid courses, they also offer free ones.

Skillshare offers free courses to get users’ emails

Downloadable Content

All of the online businesses do this, like offering downloadable content. This is one of the best ways to attract users as they will be more than happy if someone solves their problems for free. Similarly, if you offer free downloadable content to the user, there is a high chance of bringing them back to your website. You can provide the required material like a portable document format (PDF), cheat sheets, how-to guides, ebooks, and many more along with a link to your website. For example, a freely available PDF guide for setup and installation of the software will definitely be helpful for the user. 

Hubspot brings loads of free PDF guides and e-books to their audience. In its post about video marketing guide, Hubspot offers free guide on this for the readers. 

Hubspot offers free guide for its readers


Templates are defined as an outline of anything. By anything, we’re implying anything like a Facebook ad template, Resume template, Web Article template, A website or webpage template, and the list never ends. As they only require editing according to user preference, they provide the utmost convenience, which is one of the pros of a lead magnet. To take the template lead magnet to another level, you can opt for creating a whole portfolio of templates on your website. This will lead to the generation of more unique leads as different users have different choices. The availability of freely available templates will definitely push your lead number by an incredible figure.

ResumeGenius wisely takes users’ email by asking them to sign up


Organizing and running an online e-learning channel is the best way to get user attention. You see, everyone is relying on the internet for information these days, whether it is for learning some topic, fixing a gadget or a machine, searching for a new place, or any other wild thought that comes in their mind. In short, you can also use e-learning as a lead magnet. 

For example, if you have an educational website, you can create an online tutorial for an attractive topic named “learn python in 5 days”. On the other hand, if you have a website for electronic appliances, you can interact with your users with a “how to set up your vacuum cleaner in 60 seconds” tutorial video. All these e-learning videos will help in bringing users back to your website time and again.

In their post about “How to find Instagram influencers”, HappyPoints included a video that instructs readers how to use influence.co, an influencer finding platform.

HappyPoints gives readers instructions on how to use influencers platform

Bonuses, Discounts, Offers, Coupons

Everyone loves discounts! 

If you have an eCommerce business, this is the best way to get customer’s email addresses. Whenever a customer shops online, he or she always looks for a way to save money. Thus, offering bonuses, discounts, offers, coupons, and other attractive elements with their purchases like free shipping and extra cashback will always keep you on the top of their priority list. You can send timely updates regarding limited time offers to them once you have their email. While designing an offer, make it a bit more precise, focusing on the one thing that users look at. 

BuyCostumes is an online costume site that provides costumes of all types. Here, they are offering 25% off on the first order in exchange for email address. It would be more productive after including a timestamp for ordering. “$25 off, valid till midnight”, for example.

BuyCostumes offers its prospects with $25 off discount

Free Trials

Lead magnets can also be in the form of free trials. Usually, free trials are offered by software development websites and that too for a limited time period. There are many online websites that develop state of the art software and provide them for a free trial. If you have a similar sort of business, offer the product for free trial in exchange for their email address, of course. This will help you build a quality email list. 

CartKit offers a multi-channel marketing solution for online merchants. Of course, they’re willing to give their prospects a try:

CartKit offers a free trial for their prospects


Podcasts are also a great way to interact with users. The way it works is by letting the user sign up for it using his or her email id and help them participate in it. On the positive side, the podcast can also be downloaded and can be in either video or audio format. For example, if you are having a health or nutrition-related website, you can start a podcast about the pros and cons of an unhealthy diet or the benefits of regular exercise in everyday life. You can ask people to subscribe to the channel and hence generating leads. In a nutshell, the power of podcasts can only be realized while being in one of them.

Sara Weber is a journalist, she writes a newsletter that has recommendations for the various audio podcasts. After signing in to the newsletter, you will get info about all the podcasts scheduled in the coming few weeks.

Sara releases free podcast newsletter as a lead magnet

Online Quizzes

One of the most interesting lead magnets is an online quiz. Being a superhero fan, I know how much my mind is triggered to click on a link with the superhero quiz. In the same way, if you have a blogging website or a game website, you can create a quiz for the visitors. For getting information like their email id, you need to be a bit smart like give them the quiz to attempt and display the result in exchange for their email id. This will be a win-win situation for you as well as the visitor. Next time, you will host a quiz on your website, the user will definitely come back to your website provided he or she is a superfan of your content.

Sevenly is a clothing company that released some of their designs recently, to match the products with the users visiting their website, they made a quiz. Now, the catch here is that the user can see the result only after entering their email address. This will help Sevenly in generating leads.

Sevenly’s quiz to get prospects’ emails

Reports and Case Studies

The most valuable and comprehensive lead magnet on the list is this one. Whenever a user looks for any product or service online, he or she needs to make sure if it is the right choice. This is the reason why most of the businesses maintain a case studies tab on their websites. The fact is that they need their visitors to know about the success of their products and services. Similarly, if you have an online business of products or any specific services, do keep some case studies for the users to read for making them your permanent clients. As an example, some of the websites that generate reports based on their research provide partial access to the reports at first, you need to enter your email id to get the full report. This is also a great way to get user information.

Markets and Markets is an online B2B market report and case study website. They generate reports regarding the different business niche that predict the future scope of the business domain. The image shows a screen where the user is asked for contact details in exchange for a sample of the report.

Final Words

Now, you would have so many ideas for your lead magnets to grow the email list. 

That’s it. Now it’s your turn to tweak your content into high-converting lead magnets. We’d love to see what you’ve come up with in the comment section below!

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