BTS Mania, a leading K-Pop group, increased their AOV by 25% and their Abandon Cart Recovery Rate by 10%

The beloved K-Pop group added Consistent Cart to re-market their customers. Quickly, they increased their average order value, recovering more abandoned carts than ever before.

Before you read on, we encourage you to set the mood with some music from their SoundCloud. Check it out:

Bulletproof and Beyond

BTS is an extremely loveable Korean K-Pop Group with over around 20 million followers on both Twitter and Instagram. Their Youtube channel boasts over 9.5 billion views.  The group is said to be worth about $45 million altogether.  There’s no Fake Love from their fans! 
BTS was initially short for Bangtan Boys, which is short for the Korean expression Bangtan Sonyeondan, meaning Bulletproof Boy Scouts. In the last few years, they’ve expanded to include the name “Beyond the Scene” as well.
In only four years, they’ve performed three world tours and unveiled four studio albums. Notably, in 2017 BTS won the Billboard Awards for Top Social Artist, which launched their careers in the U.S.A.‍

The Shop

The group’s popular merch shop, BTS Mania, sells its products worldwide, including apparel and super-fun BTS Army boxes.  The store helps them get more merch into the hands of their adoring fans.
BTS Mania added Consistent Cart to their shop in November of 2017. Since then, Consistent Cart has helped the group sent over 80,000 emails, and capture over 5k in Facebook subscriptions. 
They also saw a 46% open rate on abandon cart emails, which converted to nearly a half million in sales.  Their average order value shot up 25% and their recovery rate jumped to 10%.
It was a true Mic Drop moment.

In addition to the abandoned cart feature of our app, BTS Mania employs our Privy integration to capture any emails submitted on a Privy popup and send abandon cart messaging to those customers as well. 
BTS Mania has taken advantage of Consistent Cart's Happy Birthday email to send personalized messages on their fan's Birthday. Getting a happy birthday from your favorite band? Swoon!

Want to know how BTS Mania did it?

Let us show you how Consistent Cart works.