Looks matter.

People want to look if it’s aesthetically pleasing, smooth, nice colouring.  

The world of ecommerce limits other senses, so what people see and read on your website is everything. 

Maybe you checked your Consistent Cart analytics, and noticed a lot of people are leaving things in their carts. 

Or maybe you checked your Shopify Dashboard and noticed people were hitting your product pages, and leaving your website from there. 

Ask yourself the question: Does your product page stand out from other similar stores? Are your copy and visuals optimized to win over your customers?

If you aren’t sure, or don’t know, definitely keep reading. 

Even if you think it’s already great you clicked on this blogpost, so you can read for assurance sake.

Copy shouldn't Copy.

Good copy can help build your brand and endear visitors to purchase the products they may be on the fence until something in the description really resonates with them or makes them smile.  You know your products are awesome, and they deserve descriptions and images that do them justice! You want your product copy to be bright and inviting, with your store's personality. Not your competitors.

Don't even think about doing a copy paste of their descriptions. This is terrible for SEO, and makes your brand look like a knock-off (I'm looking at you Oberlo descriptions!)

For example, here are two different descriptions for the same product. The first is plain jane, and the second with some flair and personality. Which one would you be more likely to purchase?

Your product summary needs to have enough information so that your shoppers can make informed decisions on whether a product is right for them.

Your descriptions should be light and helpful.  You don’t want the customer to feel like you’re forcing the product on them, but you do want visitors to gain clear expectations for your product.

Here are some tips on crystal clear product copy:

Keep it short.  Long sentences take more time to read, and to digest. Be punchy and skip the wordy sentences.  Imagine you are writing this to a middle schooler.

Cliches are super... Cliché.  Serve the substance and skip the cheese. Clichés don’t improve your descriptions, so just leave them out of your product pages.

Simplicity Wins. Treat your product copy as though you are writing to a friend.This isn't an essay, no MLA format or SAT vocabulary needed. Research has shown that the best writing level for optimal understanding is a fifth grade level.

Give the People what they Want

It’s so important to know what is important to your customers, and to show them! Here are the top things your customers want to know when shopping your product page:

If you offer any of these, make sure they are front and centre! Don’t miss out on converting these browsers into buyers. 

Okay, so we have the copy and content down. From here, let’s explore how to use proven design optimization to persuade these customers.

Makeover your Visuals

Take a look at your product photos. Do they look like they could be in a magazine? What sort of message do they send your customers?

As a rule of thumb, your product images should be clear with a plain background. You want the product to stand out, not the background.

Another detail which takes away from an image’s impact is the quality.

Low quality images might lead customers to believe you have a low quality product. 

You don’t need a photographer. Here are some images I snapped on my mobile phone (Galaxy S8) .

Shopify has a great guide here on snapping great shots with just a phone. It’s worth the read!

Optimize it!

Make sure everything is optimized with a layout that pops. The beauty of Shopify theme store themes is that they are by default reactive and optimized for both web and mobile. 

Remember though, this can be undone by a lot of custom coding, unsightly apps or using untested third-party themes, so it’s important to consider this when creating and choosing a theme for your Shopify store. 

Here’s a great example of a killer product page layout and elements:

Just remember, wherever your customers are shopping from,  they should have a great experience.

Your product page can be the make or break for your Shopify store.

Create a user experience that brings your customers back and your visitors converting.  Experiment and see what a difference can be made with a few simple tweaks. 

Happy Optimizing!