Like me, you may think of TikTok as a hub for teens and preteens to lipsync awkwardly to the top 40 songs.

And well, you’re not wrong. 

But there’s a lot more to it than that. 

TikTok currently boasts 500 million active users and a higher organic reach than any other social media app on the App Store. It was previously known as Musically, but was rebranded in 2017. Since then, the app has experienced explosive growth, reminiscent of how Instagram took off. 

The user base is growing, and older people are joining TikTok. However,  gen Z’ rs currently make up the majority of content consumers and creators on the app. Especially if you have a product you want to market to a younger audience. 

Of course, TikTok has it’s own algorithm, which is really only fully known by TikTok. This doesn’t mean we can’t understand how the app uses and showcases content for our own advantage. 

Essentially, each video uploaded will be shown to 50-100 people on average to gauge the viewers’ reactions. If the engagement rate is positive,  it will continue showing it to random users. If it doesn’t well… it basically disappears into nothingness. 

This is the truest about your very first video. You really want to try to nail this one. TikTok will throw your account a metaphorical bone for your first upload, and share your video with others. However, if it tanks, you slip in the rankings. If it does well, TikTok is encouraged and future uploads will also be shown to more viewers. 

I recommend you make an account to test out a few different video concepts before moving to an official launch on another account. 

Of course, the key to making TikTok work for your business is the ability to create consistent, engaging content. Your TikToks should be: 

  1. Good Quality- grainy and pixelated videos will cause people to click away before even hearing your message
  2. Using the Product Features- using the in-app filters and sounds helps meld your content into the rest just enough for it to belong.

  1. On Trend- Choosing sounds, songs or concepts being used by the big guys in a timely matter (not weeks after the trend has passed) keeps your brand looking fun and fresh. Also, when you use a common song, you can ride on the success of the song or other videos using the same clip. 
  2. Be Attention Seeking. I kid you not, attention-seeking behavior really seems to do well on TikTok. Even writing “please like this video, I worked super hard” can earn you some likes. 
  3. Get Setup. Make sure you have a good profile picture, bio, and overall profile before you start posting on your non-test account.  It’s also a good idea to embed your  TikTok username in your videos to increase your “channel” awareness. 
  4. Don’t be stiff. TikTok is a place for fun and is becoming more like the loved Vine every day. Be creative. Have a sense of humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 

Here are some awesome examples of TikToks being used by a business:


Before you get started, I really recommend spending about 20 minutes a day scrolling through the popular content. 

Will you cringe? Probably. 

Will you find out what an E-boy is? Definitely. 

But, after a few days, you will start to get a sense of what the audience likes, and dislikes, which you can use to create your own viral content. 

Happy TikToking!