Since its launch, Consistent Cart's SMS campaigns have recovered thousands in sales.

Boasting the highest open rates of any other medium, SMS is excellent for business. It also has the added benefit of allowing for simple and easy retargeting. SMS is simple to use, and text-based communication is preferred by customers.

If you're not using this feature, you need to be.

If you're asking why you need this feature, read this.

If you know why, and you're here for the how, let's push forward.

If You don't have it already, Install Consistent Cart on your Shopify store.

Consistent Cart will allow you to connect with customers and reduce cart abandonment across Email, Push, SMS, and more. You can head to the Shopify app store to get it, or click this for a quick link.

Once Installed, head into the App

From the apps page of your Shopify admin, enter the Consistent Cart app, and begin. You can move to the SMS campaign tab on the left hand side to get started:

Since an SMS message is design-free, creating one is very simple. You don't need a specific template or code to make them work- we do that for you.

Just write up a short copy or use the suggested text we created for you!  Remember to keep it short and to the point, since the best results usually come when you combine short text messages with your normal marketing strategies.

The goal of your abandoned checkout emails is not only to be opened but to complete those sales. This means you need a well-crafted and clear call to action. Here are some examples you could try:

  1. Hi again from (your brand)! You left some items in your cart we didn't want you to miss out on. Snatch them up before they're gone!
  2. Your products are waiting for you. Click the link to complete your checkout.
  3. You forgot something! Let me help you back to your bag.

Seal the Deal

As an added bonus, you could incentivize visitors to complete the purchase by adding a coupon code to the message. Just be sure to create the discount in your Shopify admin first. You can create discounts with a deadline since time-based offers create Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and a sense of urgency to act.

Some Tips:

Getting people to opt-in to your texting campaign is not always easy. As of now, phone numbers are collected on the Checkout page of your Shopify store. If you haven't already, we highly recommend following the instructions in the settings item at the left. Soon, we'll be adding a couple of growth tools related to collecting phone numbers before your customers reach the checkout page.

Also, your phone number will not be shown to your customers, as Consistent Cart uses our own numbers for each country that we send SMS notifications to.

As another tip, most countries have regulations around SMS and the OPT out messaging is required. We highly recommend you do not remove this from your outbound marketing SMS messages.

Now you're feeling inspired. Get started making some amazing SMS notifications.