A customer worth $20 can provide 4x the lifetime value using our solution. 

Thousands of stores have been using Consistent Cart's pre-built campaigns to get personalized, branded messages in front of these valued customers and skyrocketing their conversions. Consistent Cart makes is easy to up-sell existing customers using dependable pre-built up-sell campaigns across multiple channels. 

Consistent Cart’s customers have felt the pain of marketing for e-commerce. 

There was Mailchimp for Email Marketing, PushOwl for Push Notifications, SMSBump for SMS and the list goes on and on. 

But worse than the slew of apps you needed, none of these tools could talk to each other! 

I built Consistent Cart to address this growing need in the market: To bring the power of multi-channel to e-commerce in one easy to use app. 


Growing up in Dearborn, Michigan, I remember sauntering into my parent’s office at a young age.

In my childhood, I grew fond of computers through Geocities and creating a Dragon Ball Z fan page, which ended up getting a few hundred hits a month. I enjoyed helping my parents manage their computers, software and the more technical aspects of their wholesale textile business. 

For years, my parent’s business supplied designers with fabrics, and I pitched in with my technical knowledge. However, when designer showrooms and interior design fell into a decline in 2003 it became extremely difficult to move inventory and shelves and shelves of beautiful, unsold, fabric rested in a warehouse.

My experiences in adolescence had created a deep love of business and technology, so naturally,  I began studying engineering at Georgia Tech when I reached university. I found a love in a programming language called Matlab during my first college course. This course drove my interest in programming and technology. The idea of being able to create something from nothing drew me in and drove me to further develop my technical skills. 

I saw an opportunity in my family’s unsold fabric inventory. While creating a site to move the leftover inventory online, I realized that the existing offerings were not what I needed for my business.

After a lot of labor, www.jrbsilks.com was born. The site was entirely (and still is) entirely coded on my own, because Shopify and other e-commerce platforms didn't exist at the time!

I balanced the business with my classes and completed my engineering degree. In Industrial Engineering I learned data analysis, statistics and forecasting skills and I had a new opportunity to optimize the silk site. I was able to use these insights to optimize my e-commerce store for conversions and developing key features led to growth, and my company became one of the largest distributors of silk fabrics in the United States. 

Though I had found some success with my business, I knew that my deepest desire was to build something that could help other people. While I enjoyed selling a physical product in a business to customer situation, I realized I was repeatedly drawn to the technical aspects of automating and optimizing. 

I thought there would something incredibly fulfilling about finding a technical solution to a problem that could be used by storeowners around the world and being the best in the world at solving it. 

Creating Consistent Cart

While building my Fabrics business, I witnessed firsthand how disconnected the tools for ecommerce were. 

Many of the tools that are now built into Consistent Cart were tools that I had built for my own little ecommerce store, which we’re still using today!

The cart activity monitor, which was one of the first functionalities of Consistent Cart was built on my desire to see how customers would be targeted in real-time using my built-in messaging system. 

I also built a mini version of the Customer Profile feature, as well as the Add To Cart Popup for my own site for tracking and collecting more emails from the site’s visitors. 

As a store owner, I could feel the real pain of having brought people to the site, many of them would click around, spent dozens of minutes on the site, and not only would they not purchase, I wouldn't even know who they were! I found that without data to work with, cart recovery was like using a compass without a magnetic north.

When I started building Consistent Cart, I already knew storeowners would identify with my struggles and could get immense value from these features.

Marketing and building customer loyalty are created through many small actions and ideas coming together. Consistency is the key, and always striving to grow and improve. 

I'm a firm believer in not setting goals for myself and simply allowing myself to continue to improve every day - little by little, day in and day out. I try to live my life with massive amounts of micro-action, ensuring that I'm maximizing each day as much as I can and pushing my boundaries. I've found that massive amounts of micro-actions lead to big results in the long term.

Stores needed more transparency, and they needed a way to reach back out to those visitors in ways that were both easy and personalized, and at scale, to get those long term results. Consistent Cart’s approach would allow store owners to create more personalized experiences and maximize the dollars spent on acquiring customers.

Consistent Cart was initially intended as a creative outlet, but soon picked up a lot of traction.

In a few months, thousands of stores were using Consistent Cart.

Drawing from experience with my own e-commerce site, I understood how retargeting was crucial to growth. Naturally, I leaned into this insight and the entire team at Consistent Cart has been hard at work implementing updates and features to make Consistent Cart what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow. 

We're still in the infancy of what retargetting could look like in the future, with virtual and augmented reality on the horizon. But the entire Consistent Cart team and I will keep working hard to make Consistent Cart the best it can be and make the lives of storeowners around the world just a little bit easier.