We've all been there.

You're having a bad day at work, and a customer says something that just rubs us the wrong way. You want to snap back at them and give them a piece of your mind.

But, you can't. Because the customer is always right.


Well, for some brands, particularly on social media, the rise of the clap-back is in full force. Here are some companies with a great sense of humor, and no problem telling it like it is.

Sometimes people just want to take a stab at your product, and you won't stand for it.

Also, it's *your food is trash

Or in this instance, where the customer took a jab at Smart Car's size.

Microsoft had no issue calling out this lone gamer

While other times, brands call out customers who couldn't even be bothered to check their facts before posting.

Sometimes customers take advertisements a little too literally...

It's a game changer when Sassy brands pull the Uno Reverse card on a customer's salty comment. It's Especially funny when the comment war happens between two brands. Wendy'is especially notorious for this.

I mean...

Side note: Taco Bell is known for their use of humor throughout their marketing and advertising, so their social media doesn't disappoint. Honestly, whoever runs Taco Bell's socials is not afraid to keep the joke going.

While hilarious, having a bit of fun on your socials can actually benefit your brand. It can humanize your brand and help to appeal to your audience. Plus, if it goes viral, it can be great for brand visibility.

Just be sure not to get TOO salty or you run the risk of putting your customers off.