The E-commerce world is filled to the brim with add-ons and apps for your Shopify store. All you need to do is look through the App Store to get a feel for the sheer volume of options available. 

Not all apps are created equal, though.

CartKit apps, including Consistent Cart, have been mentioned in Oberlo, CommerceGurus, and even Forbes as one of the most-have apps for your Shopify Store. 
But what happens if you’re already using some other app, or apps to do some of what Consistent Cart does? How can you make the switch?

Switching tools can be a headache, but the long term gain is certainly worth it. 

At CartKit, we know what worked 10 years ago no longer works. In order to stay in the game and be profitable, you need to use campaigns to capitalize on every ounce of traffic you get to your site. 
However, if you don't have a large marketing team you need an intuitive app you can set and forget. 
The fact is, a customer worth $20 can provide 4x the lifetime value using our solution. Using Consistent Cart's pre-built campaigns to get your personalized, branded messages in front of these valued customers will cause your conversions to skyrocket. 
Since our launch in 2017, we have helped over 35,000 Shopify stores recover more than $140M in sales. 

Here’s how to get started with the switch.

The migration itself shouldn’t be scary! If you have been making sales, we don’t recommend deleting the other app until Consistent Cart is added and set up, to create the most seamless experience for yourself and your customers.
Simply head to our app store page  and select the Consistent Cart app. After you click the ‘Add app’ button, you’ll authorize the app in your Shopify admin. Follow the easy onboarding flow to set up the app.  If you’re getting stuck adding an app, here’s a handy video to help.
Your customers and cart information will automatically pull through to the Consistent Cart app. You don't need to do anything to make that happen except installing the app!

Once you install Consistent Cart, you’ll delete the other app

In your Shopify admin, under apps, simply remove the other app using the trashcan icon. You can then click delete. The other app will be removed from your store now and you can get started with Consistent Cart.
As a Bonus, check out our other free apps!
We are committed to creating tools to help you take your business to the next level. Consistent Cart is a key part of that, but to compliment it best, try out our SalesPop, Wishlist Pro and Better Replay apps as well. 

Using CartKit, you will have so much more time with our marketing automation at scale - set it and forget it! 
Our automation has helped thousands of businesses save time and increase their capital efficiency, save money on headcount, and decrease customer churn while increasing brand awareness to help build a sustainable business. 
Not convinced? Check out this awesome review from one of our customers. Then, ask yourself: 

Are you ready to double your sales?