I’m sure we’ve all heard our share of marketing advice, which also means we’ve all heard our share of bad marketing advice. 

Bad marketing advice is like a thin mist being whisked around in the breeze, unconfined. It quietly slips in with the wood advice so we don’t even notice it.

Today, we’re going to call out the bad advice we’ve heard and clear up the fog. Here are 5 terrible pieces of marketing advice to avoid.

1. You Should Buy Email Lists/Followers

More emails means a higher chance of conversion right? Well, actually this is totally wrong. This assumes the email lists you buy are high quality, and that the recipients won’t be annoyed at getting your unsolicited emails.

When your efforts are successful, your email subscribers feel like they know your brand. This is never the case with a bought list.

As far as Followers and Likes, the same rings true. If you buy 10k followers on Instagram to improve your social proof, what actually happens is you end up with a totally skewed engagement rate. Those 10k bot accounts won’t engage with your posts or add any value to your business. 

It’s best to avoid paying for followers and email lists. 

2. You don’t need to buy Email lists, Email Marketing is Dead anyways.

...Said no successful business ever. In fact, most corporations make an enormous percentage of their revenue through email marketing. Let’s break down the stats:

  • Email has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent.
  • 55% of companies generate over 10% of sales through email marketing.
  • An email list is a permanent asset you can utilize on your own terms.
  • 88% of marketers report positive ROI on their email marketing efforts.
  • 72% of consumers say email is their preferred conduit of communication with businesses.
  • 66% of consumers have made an online purchase as the direct result of a commercial email.

All this to say that no, email marketing is not outdated.

3.  You don’t need a mobile optimized site

Yeesh. This one.  Think back to  the last time you were on your phone and found yourself scrolling through a website that was not mobile-friendly.

I know… I can already feel your frustration through this screen.

I’ll bet that alone changes your mind on whether you should have a mobile optimized site. 

You likely tried for a moment, then closed the mobile browser or left the site. Without a responsive site, your customers will do the same thing. 

4. Don’t ask for likes, retweets, or clicks

No, you don’t look desperate asking for clicks and retweets. This is a common misconception, likely created due to marketer’s own insecurities.  What it actually is is engaging with your audience, and making your marketing a community effort.  It’s the literal purpose of a call to action.

Go ahead, ask for the like. Your audience will not mind. 

5.   You need to use exact keywords at least X amount of times in your content or you won’t rank on Google

It’s time to stop worrying about keyword density and counting how many times you used keywords in the article you're writing. Yes, use a tool like Google Trends to find popular topics, but there’s more to SEO than keyword stuffing. 

In reality, you might actually hurt your ranking if your content feels super repetitive and sales-y. 

So there we have it, 5 truly awful pieces of marketing advice in one place. 

I hope this helped clear the fog so you can focus on your marketing strategy more clearly. As a bit of great marketing advice, don;t forget to remarket your existing traffic to improve your conversion rate!

Hot Tip: Consistent Cart makes this process effortless and time-efficient!