Boosting your business or your sales in September can feel daunting. 

After all, September is routinely a less than ideal time for stock and shares. It's the only month that consistently declined over the past 100 years, and over shorter spans of time.

But let’s really look at why this happens. 

The sunshine and summer holidays are distracting to professional investors. In the fall, increased awareness of the financial market news can cause this shift in the stock market and businesses. 

This effect is not isolated to the stock market. Increased productivity and fresh marketing is a welcome side effect when the weather turns colder and the outside loses its summertime appeal. A Harvard Business School study confirms that chilly autumn days have a very positive impact on your business, and without these mental distractions, your employees and yourself can buckle down and get a lot done.

Importantly, the shift in weather also affects your customer’s behavior. 

Cold rainy days keep consumers inside, and often on their devices. This can cause consumers to shop online in order to enhance their moods. Online purchases increase by 12 percent in areas of furniture, clothing and wholesale items during these days.

So let’s go over how we can capitalize on this!


If your business targets local customers, and you are aware of these weather conditions, sending targeted emails to these customers with specials and discounts can help take advantage of the situation.

Holiday Reminders

The shift to cooler weather reminds customers of what’s coming. Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Holidays are around the corner. Your customers can literally feel it in the air, and this can remind them to start tackling their holiday shopping lists. 

You can implement marketing strategies during this time. You can host a photo contest on Instagram, run fall-themed surveys using Facebook Polls or use Consistent Cart’s email sequences to send special seasonal discounts to your customers. 

Tempt customers who abandoned the checkout with a deal: if they complete their purchase over a certain dollar amount, offer a fantastic deal for them to use Black Friday weekend. If you personalize your message right, you can make your customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them!  

Fall into the Theme

Finally, you can also try switching up your store’s theme to something more autumn-based. Your customers will be intrigued by the seasonal makeover, Shopify Theme Developer Out of The Sandbox has a great guide on creating seasonal themes.

Switch up the colors and images, then complete the look with the Sales Pop app. With no coding, you can take advantage of the awesome array of templates we offer to build Pops that look and feel like your brand. Add your own styles, colors, and more. 

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