At CartKit, we strive to make a remarketing product that is very simple, intuitive and takes the work out of your hands. 

And we’ve hit a crossroads with one of our features.
With Facebook Messenger, there are rules around when you can post, what you can post, and when you can message that get in the way of our “set it and forget it” philosophy. 

We felt strongly that Messenger is distracting from our goals as a company, and your goals for us as a product. 

As of August 1, 2019, the Messenger channel will be removed from the Consistent Cart app. We will, of course, continue providing support for those still using it until that time.
It wasn’t always so complex. In 2016, Facebook opened up Facebook Messenger API to help store owners communicate with their customers. CartKit seized this opportunity to create the Messenger channel to help companies like yours communicate with your audience. 
Recently, Facebook has shared that after July 31, 2019, if your business uses messenger, the non-promotional subscription tag will require Page-level subscription permission to do so.
This means that in order to continue sending free broadcasts, your Facebook Business Page will have to apply for Page-level Subscription Permission and get approval.
As well, Facebook has strict guidelines, and unhappy customers can be very quick to hit the dreaded “report” button, resulting in sky-high block rates for your marketing attempts. It no longer makes sense to offer Messenger as one of our done-for-you remarketing tools. 
We strive to help businesses with their marketing and create a product they can use with a small or nonexistent marketing team. Your time is valuable, and you can't spread yourself too thin. With other tools, including most Messenger tools, you need to constantly know what is going on with Facebook's rules, and guidelines. You need to check in on your content all the time, and it is not nearly as hands-off as our customers need. 

We analyzed the data. Very few of our customers were using the Messenger feature and many who tried agreed it was overly complicated for what they needed. 

This is why we are removing the Messenger channel. 
We understand some stores will be affected, and if you are one of them, you can contact us for more answers. We want this transition to be as seamless as possible. 
In addition, the coming features for CartKit will offer better open and conversion rates and will be extremely easy to implement. Setting up a remarketing strategy has never been easier.  We will continue to invest our time and energy into your marketing so you don’t have to. 

We strive to give our customers the power to set up a flow that works for their business, that can be evergreen.