A blog is a man’s best friend. 

Ahem. I meant to say: A blog is a Business’ best friend.
Your main goal might be to drive as much traffic as possible.  Content is King for your SEO ranking, and having a blog can really boost your visibility on your search engine. If you do it well, your content can also contribute fantastic value to your audience. Providing this value and knowledge to your customers lets you double down on the traffic you’re getting through paid ads. 
“Businesses with blogs have 126 percent more lead growth compared to those that do not blog.” -ThinkCreative
Search engine traffic is extremely profitable for businesses, but in order to get that traffic, you need to post what people are looking for.  In general, knowledge-based content is a great way to get this Traffic. Titles having to do with How to do “Y” or 10 Reasons why “Z” can help your audience find your pages, get the value and even purchase your product. Especially if what you’re blogging about supports the use of your product. 
As an added bonus, when you blog, Google and other search engines read your website as fresh and frequently updated. The increase in content also means an increase in keywords and phrases helping your visitors find your site. A new page is indexed with each new blog post. This means a better chance of improving your organic search rankings

Beyond that, blogs are extremely shareable. 

Think about it. 
Which would you rather click, the left or right?

Simply sharing a product page and asking people to buy is not enough.

You need to entice them in and pique their curiosity. This also works if your audience sees the value for their friends and family, and they will share it to their Facebook wall. 
For this reason, a punchy, catchy headline is really important. People often share blogs based on the headline and title image alone!

Speaking of the title image, images are super important in blogging. 

Not only do images improve the aesthetics of your posts, but if you name the files with a description of the product or a key phrase you optimize the article for search engines.
You can also mention trending topics or feature other products or people in your blog. This can help your visibility, since your posts may show up when someone searches for the mentioned topic. For example, I could mention something related to this post, timely and relevant, such as Blogging Secrets in this post right now. 
Are you here because I mentioned Blogging Secrets?
Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. But the fact is, in E-commerce, you want to get as many people to your site as possible. With only product pages, you are holding back your company’s success. 

The more types of content you have on your website, and the more pages you have, the easier it will be for the internet to find those pages and your products. 

Let’s shift gears and get away from SEO and keywords for a moment. I want to touch on blogging and branding. 
You may have seen my blog post Building a Better Brand. I dug into the importance of branding for business and gave some handy tips for identifying and carving out your brand. 
It comes down to this: Blogs are absolutely fantastic for channeling your brand voice. 
But why?

The fact is, customers are much more likely to purchase from a brand they identify with emotionally. 

Your blog can personify your business, giving it a personality, voice, and even a sense of humor.

Blog posts tend to be more text-heavy than anywhere else on your website, and the one spot that isn’t necessarily trying to sell your audience anything. It’s a great platform for storytelling and identifying with your audience. 
To accomplish this feat, you should establish the tone and messaging you want to use in all of your brand messaging and apply it to your blog. If you’re not sure where to start, check out my Building a Better Brand post from a few weeks ago. 

It’s very important to be yourself when crafting your blog posts. Be relatable, and helpful, like a friend giving advice. Remember what I said about a blog being a business’ best friend? Your business, blog, and audience should resemble the three musketeers. 
It doesn’t really matter what your business or your niche is. Blogging is a first-rate method to increase clicks and social sharing for your website. And I’ll be totally honest here. 
It’s not always easy.
In fact, it can be really, really hard. 
Getting into the heads of your readers, and proactively trying to share information or solve problems can take a lot of mental energy. Not to mention you may need to brush up on your writing skills. 
But when you write a post that hits home for your readers, that’s when you’ve got them. Their interest, their loyalty and hopefully even their business.