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Abishi: Hello guys, my name is Abishi, I'm from Delhi, India. So basically, I was thinking its better we play by KatKit. This is the... One of the best app I've ever seen. You can call it as pixel of a Shopify store. (laughs) Yeah, sounds funny. But this is what it is.

This does like, it gives you the average, what the customers are doing right now, what are the products they are viewing the most, they are scrolling up, scrolling down. Let me show you the quick results what I did with this app. Before I install that KatKit, my stores online conversion rate was...

Let me go. Let me show you those. 0.27%. (laughs) Very bad, right? In the e-commerce platform, like 2% is a normal. But 0.27 is a very bad conversion rate. And, yesterday I installed that app. And this gives me the full data, what they are doing right now. I made $44 till now.

That small amount, but this is the... One of the best app I've ever seen. And this is free. I recommend you guys to download it and try it. It gives you the full data, What they are doing right now. Like, just a second. Let me show you what I made this far. As you can see, wait a second.

This is a rubbished one.

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