Story Transcript

Adrian: Hey guys, my name is Adrian. I am from Romania. I'm 21 years old. I just finished marketing in English in Bucharest. And I would like to show you my story about how we got really, really better at understanding our clients using Better Replay.

So in the beginning, we didn't have no clue of how our customers would react to our landing pages, promotional things and all of that stuff. So we had to find a way to understand how are they behaving when they are entering our website. So we found out about this amazing app called Better Replay.

And we decided to give it a try. And man, the results were amazing or really, really great. We managed to understand how everybody was reacting.

And we were able to change the things that were not appealing to customers to change it to better ones that can help our business grow and make it a better experience overall. So after we started using Better Replay, our conversion rate's gone through the roof. It was amazing, pretty amazing.

And you just have to try this app, it's amazing. And it's also free so you don't have anything to lose. So go for it. Better Replay is an amazing app. (indistinct).

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