Story Transcript

Ahsan: This is a testimonial video for Sales Pop. It's been great using the app. Been getting some great results. I know, actions speak louder than words so I'll show you some results. This is today. Today just started, as you can see.And the webcam flips the camera upside down, right, so Yesterday, 176 orders. This week 25 orders. Only been a couple days. And 3,060 US dollars in 16 days.And the reason why I think this, these Sales Pop things, is because Sales Pop has, you know, exceptionally helped boost sales by showing the urgency when people, they don't want to be the first person to buy something. Think about you.When you're going to buy something, what do you look for? Do you look for reviews, do you study these things? Are they important for you? Because buying online is... It causes mixed feelings between people. Anyone, really, to be honest.It causes feelings of, you know, definitely, you don't feel safe, it's not like walking into a store. You see it, and you buy the item, right? So you've gotta give your client that sense of safeness. And you also want to add that urgency. And the best way to do that is with Sales Pop.When you have these sales notifications on, sales notification, things popping up, so it shows that people are buying as well as that the product selling. So when someone sees that, "Oh shit, I don't want it to sell out." Number two, thing that is in their head, "Oh shit, people are actually buying this." Because they see verified by this company. So yeah, highly recommend that.

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