Story Transcript

Aj: Hello, my name is Aj Christian. I'm from New Jersey, I'm 18 years old. And I'm about to start a consignment clothing and apparel store online with my friends. And we're all high school seniors. And we are opening the store on June 1st and we've been working on our website,

And we sent out the website for feedback and for people who look at it, and we've used the Replay app, which has really helped us to see which direction people go when they first look at our website, which products they look at the most.

And it's also actually helped us to fix a few glitches with our website and might helped us find some broken links when we went through the recordings and saw that a bunch of people had a glitches for the same spot.

And I just think that we're gonna continue using this app to help us figure out where we need to go next with our website, and it'll help us figure out if we need to patch anything, and where we can improve. And I'm just very grateful that this app is 100% free.

And it's just helped my company so much.

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