Story Transcript

Alejandro: Hi, my name is Alejandro. I am from Barcelona, from Spain, and I develop many websites with Shopify and I've used many times, Consistent Cart, the app of Shopify.And I would say I am very thankful and happy with this app because it has helped me to create a better system, so I can send emails to my customers, automated emails, when they make a purchase, when they just register in my website or just simply when they abandon some carts, I can send them one or even two emails to remember them, they have a product in their cart.And so they can purchase and I'm very thankful for this app because it has helped me in many times to recover, just customers that wouldn't maybe buy, but by the automated emails, I just don't need to do anything, just this once.It has helped me to increase my conversion rate, so I'm very thankful. And to create more customers so I could create more data even that could help me also to create even more customers.

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