Story Transcript

Ali: Hello, everybody, this is Ali and I'm from Pakistan. I'm a Shopify expert from past three years and providing the services of Shopify in 30 different freelancing websites. And ,I just work with a lot of customers around the world.In the past three years I realized through some, you know, the app that helped me to engage the customer to track what the audience is doing on my website. So finally I found the Better Reply app. That app is most amazing app.I highly recommend you to install this app and check out all of these features. And most importantly is, it's totally free, okay? So you have to not pay any little penny. It's totally free. Check out this app, this is amazing.It will help you to track your audiences, what the customer actually doing on your store, and you can look the video tutorial on your website source. And the interface is most cool and I love this. So, I hope you will enjoy this app so thank you for this.

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