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Aliyah Bryce: Hi guys this is Aliyah Bryce the CEO and founder of Brisa Collections LLC. So before we were using Sales Pop, our conversion rate was more like a 1%. That was like on a weekly monthly basis.

And whenever we started like researching on how to better our business, how to get more customers how to increase our conversion rating and everything, we went to Sales Pop. And honestly, this was like the best thing I've ever done since I started my website.

So, since we've be using Sales Pop which has been a little, I'll say around six months. Our conversion rate has went to 2%. Now, that may not seem like a lot to people, but a lot of people don't realize that 5% conversion rate is normally what a lot of businesses like top brands have, 5% or more.

So 2% is actually a really big deal. So I appreciate Sales Pop and the way like they help us is they create customer trust. They also give customers ideas of like products they're being bought, or when they were bought, like not only that places like the location where this person bought this from.

So it's like, mhh like if you're from New York and New York, New York and someone like basically purchase something from New York, New York, you see it and you're like, "Mhh, someone from where I am actually purchased from this website so I would trust it.

" So just, I try to think of everything on a consumer basis as well on like a owner basis, that kinda helps with everything and I honestly recommend Sales Pop to anyone is an amazing app, and this probably the best app I've ever had since I started my business.

And I just wanna thank you guys again, I start writing for me.

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