Story Transcript

Anas: Hello guys, my name is Anas Fiore. I have been using Consistent Cart for like two days from now. I don't think this is the reason why but I already got my first saved.

I decided to that I need to say that I was not very sure, I was kinda skeptical about this application but I wanted to try it and first of all I was surprised by the fact that it was so easy to use it. And it really took me like five minutes to set it up altogether.

And I was surprised by having all those options with my basic, I have the basic plan right now and I have a lot of options and this makes me think that I will definitely go and upgrade to the next level lets say like that.

And I really like this app, I recommend it to anyone who has never set up something like that because it is very easy to range Judith and you can definitely go and check it by yourself. And definitely try it guys. Chao.

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