Story Transcript

Angela: Hi guys, my name is Angie with Sultry Doll. I have an online, a woman fashion boutique. It is for a trendy fashionable fashiony stuffs and Better Replay was an app that I came across on on Shopify and I wanted to see exactly how it would benefit my boutique, so I did download the app.

It was easy to download. I don't know what I would do without this app because when I see that I do have customers and they do not purchase, I have the ability to go back and replay their stuff to see exactly what I can do to improve on trying to, to make a sale.

So, I could see what type of payment methods that they're using and I also can see if they're using our discount codes that or taking advantage of our specials. So this is a awesome, awesome, awesome app, please download it, Better Replay. Go into your app, download it. You will not be sorry.

I love it. I give you a five. If I could give you another five and I'll give you a 10, download it, this is awesome people. Good luck. Good luck with everything that you're doing with your boutique and leave a review, a positive review with Better Replay.

These people are awesome, I don't know who your developers are but you guys are whizzes. This is awesome. I am so happy and blessed to have come across this app. Thank you so much, Angie, from Sultry Doll, thank you, have a good day, bye.

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