Story Transcript

Arly: Hey guys, my name is Arly, and I am from South Africa. I have an online Boutique that caters to females. I download this app about two months ago. And let me tell you, it's actually one of the best apps I have actually ever had on Shopify.

I love the fact that you can record every single thing that a customer is doing. It's like having a camera following a customer in the store, basically. Recently, I've been suffering with myself, and I went in ahead of looking for what customers are looking for.

I noticed that customers are looking for more products. So I implemented some changes. As well as I noticed that customers click out of the pop up, and they actually don't want to see my pop up as soon as they arrive on the website. So I move that pop up.

And with all of these different changes, I definitely can see an increase in myself, because I can see what customers are looking for. I also love the option that there is tag, which shows this video was a video of an abandoned Cart. So where customer didn't proceed with the purchase.

So I can have a look and see what the customer is doing and cater to the customer and send an email and they didn't know that I can help. So I mean, if you don't understand, I mean, it's really one of the best apps I have actually ever had.

You have insight and you can see exactly what a customer is doing. I love this app. Thank you.

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