Story Transcript

Arthur: Hello everyone, my name is Arthur, I'm 18 years old and already a successful entrepreneur. So, at the moment of speaking I am running two stores, in two different niches. But I actually started drop shipping the day I turned 18. I've been looking around for it for two years or something.

But it's only legally in Belgium from your 18 year old. So that is the moment I started. Let's go deeper into my first store, it actually was so bad, so it looks okay, for a first store, I got to admit it. But I kept on wasting money on advertisement and not getting any sales.

Like you can see here, it's saying 11 add to carts and zero checkouts. So that really was like, oh my god, what am I doing wrong? I didn't know, I asked lots of people for help, but they were not able to help me, until someone gave me the advice, download the app Better Replay.

I actually downloaded the app on Shopify, and from then on, my store is being successful. Because with that app, it's really amazing. You can see what people do in your store, what they click on.

And with that information, I was able to give my store a fresh layout, and from there on, for real, it was way, way better. So guys, please keep my advice in mind and download the app.

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