Story Transcript

Aryaman: Hey everyone this is Aryaman Sayer right here owner of a drop-shipping website on Shopify and I am from India. So my Jourrney with Better Replay started back when I got about four hundred visitors on my on my website and I made only one seller this 400 visitors.

So I cannot wanted to understand what the problem was. I had decent number of active cards I had a whole lot of visitors on my website but the conversion ratio was just very poor.

So I downloaded Better Replay so I install it on my Shopify platform and I wanted to see what is going wrong and Better Replay lets you see what your client will see and see what the customer will see and walking through every step of the process that they are going through just because of this app I realize that my targeting had been wrong my target was more to the people who related niche and not my current niche that I'm selling Better Replay help me understand the core problem that my entire add's budget was at the wrong place and after getting this valuable data I was able to correct it and I've been able to get about about 5 to 10 steals per day This is being all thanks to Better Replay they are free, it's free to use and they offer you about 10,000 sessions for free that is a whole lot of data that is waiting to be taken and worked upon.

So best of luck everyone and I hope you guys succeed by using Better Replay as well.

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