Story Transcript

Blaž: Hi. My name is Blaz Grobisa and I come from Slovenia, so please excuse my language. My English is not perfect. So, before I installed Sales Pop by CartKit to my Shopify store, I had no sales. I was doing drop shipping for about a month and I got no sales.

I really tried a lot of things, different things, and I almost gave up. But I found about Sales Pop app from a friend or should I say a mentor and he recommended to me. So I tried it and I got my first sale. So that's something and I'm really happy about it.

Specifically, Shopify orders were really good for me. Before that, of course I had conversion rate zero because I made no sales, but right now after a week of using your app, I got my conversion rate up to 2%. I know it's not perfect, but it's still better than zero.

So, this app has really helped me and I would recommend it to everyone who is doing Shopify drop shipping. Thank you guys. Have a nice day!.

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