Story Transcript

Bounab: Hello guys, how are you? I hope you are all right. This is Jason from Morocco. And I'm 27 years old, and I just wanna share with you my experience with this app; with Better Replay App. So at first, I was struggling with my store. I wasn't understanding what is happening in my store.So after doing a small search in the Shopify App Store, I found this app; Better Replay App. And I installed it, I've launched it, and then after few hours I watched the videos. And that was amazing! That was real amazing! I was shocked, 'cause the video was helpful.I mean, when I watched the videos, I realized the mistake that I was doing. I was doing a small mistake, but the mistake makes my visitors afraid of shopping from my store. So I updated store, I've removed the mistake, and launched my store again.And then after there was boom! A lot of sales, a lot of money! My visitors can't keep shopping from my store. That was very, very helpful. So I just wanna thank you guys for watching my video. And I advise you to install this app; Better Replay App.It really helps improving your store and knowing your visitors' interactions. So I wanna thanks the owner of this app and the developer team. Thank you guys, thank you so much. Peace, bye bye!.

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