Story Transcript

Brandon: Hi, my name is Brandon, I'm sorry I looks like it's right now. It's been a long day and just you know. Yeah, I just want to get on here and then to talk about Better Replay.

It's actually been very helpful for me since I started my business, I'm able to actually look at the screens of what people are looking at, what they're clicking on and from that, each time I've been able to go back onto the website and fix things and see what they're looking at, possibly what it could be that could be stopping them from making a purchase.

And ever since doing that, that actually worked, I've made some minor adjustments to my store and it's worked pretty good. I like it a lot.

(clears throat) Other than that, I just think this thing is very helpful for anyone who wants to see what's going on in their store, what people are looking at, what pages, what can be changed. And this Better Replay, it really helps out with that.

Seeing the add to cart, obviously they protect other people's private information as they should, but if anyone is doubting if they work or not, I definitely telling you it works. And it's free to, it's a great app that's put on Shopify as well.

So I thank you guys very much, even the updates that you guys are doing to make it better for us, it's great. Thank you so much.

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