Story Transcript

Brendan: Hey, it's Brendan from I'm just gonna give this short video testimonial on the experience that I've had with Consistent Cart.So I did one early up, I was a little bit unsure how it would work but now I'm probably two, three months into it and I'm finding that consistently it's generating about $1000 a month in extra sales.Now what I'm doing is I'm just using the email function, I'm not using the SMS or push notifications. For me, I just did a few experiments and I found that the emails seem to be working best for me. So I think it's an absolutely no-brainer.I mean, you're spending $29 a month for up to $1000 worth of extra sales, that's a pretty amazing ROY. Very hard to get out there in the marketplace so I would encourage everyone to at least give Consistent Cart a go.You've really got nothing to lose and quite a lot to gain actually if it works for your website.The other thing that I would strongly encourage you to do is to use the free Just Purchased app that is also provided by Consistent Cart, so that's another little app that I use in combination with the emails.So that just encourages social proof and that plus the Consistent Cart email series is really kicking goals for me. Thank you, thanks Consistent Cart.

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