Story Transcript

Britney: Hello, my name is Britney Sayers, and I am from Pismo Beach, California, and I will discuss what life was like before Consistent Cart, how it was getting set up, and what life was like after using Consistent Cart, and whether or not I would recommend Consistent Cart to family members or friends.So life before Consistent Cart was fairly basic. We're not using any systems or softwares in order to recover abandoned carts from customers who came to our website who liked a product, placed it in their cart, but didn't actually make the next step for the purchase.Consistent Cart has sent out one or two emails to customers, and so far we haven't received any sales yet, but we're hoping for the best. Getting set up with the system was fairly simple.There's a few steps to follow that are listed on the application, and if you have any questions with the set-up for whatever reason, the Consistent Cart team members are always willing to help.There's a little button listed on the bottom right-hand corner of their website that you can click and just chat in with the team members. If the team members are not available for whatever reason, they will definitely get back to you first thing the next morning.Life after Consistent Cart, like I said right now, we haven't received any sales from Consistent Cart, but we're hopeful. The system has sent out one or two emails to customers, and we're just hoping for the best. Consistent Cart does allow customers to set up a trial membership.So, before making the big step of setting up a membership with them, they allow you to do a trail membership, which is wonderful. A lot of other systems and softwares don't allow you to do that.I would definitely recommend Consistent Cart to any family members or friends who are looking to increase their sales without having to spend an arm and a leg on the software.

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