Story Transcript

Brohdy: Hey, my name is Brohdy and I'm the owner of And I recently just found out about Sales Pop.

I've seen it on other websites online and, you know it looked really cool to be able to let people know that people are actually coming to your site and are actually purchasing or actually adding products to the cart and just interacting with your site, and it lets people know that they can trust your site.

So before I uploaded the Sales Pop app I probably had like three to four conversions a day. And since I have been using Sales Pop specifically just for letting people know how many visitors are on my site cause I am still a new business. So, that's just the best bet for me.

Everyone, different people might have different preferences or whatnot, but that works for me. And my conversion rate has went up to about nine to 10 a day on average. So that has more than doubled. I'm very grateful for that and need all the help I can get.

And, oh, by the way, I'm from Saint Paul, Minnesota. And I appreciate it. Thank you so much Sales Pop, and yes I recommend it to all my friends and family and whoever else is running an online business. Nowadays, you need all the tools you can get. So thank you.

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