Story Transcript

Bryan: Hi, my name's Bryan Barragan. I'm from Ontario, California, and I'd just like to take time out of my day to just emphasize how much CartKit changed my site. Because before CartKit, I didn't know that there were certain things on my website that users were kind of finding bad, you know, a turn off.

Until I got CartKit, where I can actually see what they're doing through my website, what needs to get done.

So it was kind of cool because I noticed that there was something wrong with my sales funnel and with CartKit I can see every step of the way that people are taking through the sales funnel from purchases to just add to carts to initiate checkouts, everything, any little step in the sales funnel.

And I found it cool because I found what wasn't working and it definitely increased my conversions.

It was awesome to see because it's free, a free app can actually get you conversions because it does what many of the paid do for free and I just find it real, it just gives you real value and just, you can't beat that, honestly.

It's a must have on your store because why wouldn't you want to see who's going and what steps they're taking on your website.

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