Story Transcript

Bryce: Hey guys, what's up? I'm out here today, talkin' about Sales Pop. Sales Pop, you know them. They have the little thing on Shopify that makes it pop up and it gives really good credibility to your Shopify stores. Yeah, Sales Pop has done nothin' but get me extra sales on my Shopify store.I definitely can get anyone more sales. It's just a credibility factor. You get 1000 random people 2000, you get a million random people that hop on the website, and they could be like, "Oh yeah, it's not lookin' so well. "There's no credibility on here, "no one's really bought from 'em." But on Sales Pop, it's actually real people that have bought from your store and it will keep popping up, and it will tell people, "Oh, these people have bought from this person's store." So Sales Pop has done nothing but good for my store, and I definitely can do a lot really good things for your store. That's really all I gotta say about Sales Pop. Sales Pop, thank you, keep workin' hard. Yeah, and that's it.

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