Story Transcript

Cedreka: Good morning, and merry Christmas. My name is Cedreka Baggett, from San Diego, California, and I wanna tell you about how Pop Up has been great for my website, my store, so far.It has converted more sales for me, and more customers, more oncoming customers, the popups work very well, I love the popups, on each page that I choose for it to pop up on. And I love how it attracts people to buy, of course.That's the main goal, to attract more customers, and attract more conversions, contract people to buy.So I just wanted to pass the word, to let you guys know, if you ever are interested in this app, to absolutely download it, and it is worth it at the end of the day, and I hope you guys have a blessed day, a blessed Christmas, and a happy new year. Bye.

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