Story Transcript

Christian: Man, so at first I had a business. I still have it, still running to this day. And I was having a huge problem just building trust and, just... My conversion wasn't good; it was at, I wanna say, a .6, .7 maybe, It was just really not that good at all. And I found Sales Pop, and it was free.

I found it looking through YouTube just for the best app possible. And every since I had it, it's just been amazing. It's been an amazing experience. I believe my conversion rate is at a 3.2, which is really, really good, especially compared to where it was. It just helped me so much.

It made me so much money, and the staff is just so helpful. They reply so quickly and they just help you out with everything, and I just highly, highly, highly recommend using Sales Pop.

It's, like, the best app on Shopify, if not the best app in the world, and it's just been super helpful, super good, and the staff is so friendly, and they're so knowledgeable, and it's been an amazing experience, and I just love Sales Pop.

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