Story Transcript

Christophe: Hello guys, this is Christophe from Philippines. How are you everybody? Yeah, I'm all right. Far away from everybody I believe so. Anyway I was talking about the new app I started a month ago. It's great, seriously look.I used to make like when I open the shopping file and I see the first three months is zero cents. When I start to add this on a app I start to make a couple more sells. But when I put on Sale Pop, Sale Pop it's fantastic. It's free. Just a couple clicks it does everything by itself.You know, it's fantastic I review that to five starts for me. After couple days, I already make a three of four sale I suggest because of Sales Pop. And then, nothing. I just want to share this video because I appreciate an app and I wish you the best. Take care again Sales Pop. Love you, bye.

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