Story Transcript

Cj: Hello. My name is CJ and I'm an entrepreneur. I'm from Baltimore, Maryland. And when I first started e-commerce, it was a bit difficult because I didn't really understand the concept of it as much as I thought I did.Luckily, I started doing some research and came across a couple of apps that were able to assist in making things a lot easier. Oddly enough, I came across Sales Pop. This was recommended to me from my e-commerce website as being a very lucrative tool in terms of sales.So I reviewed the app and came to find that it was something I was already familiar with.I had already been on dozens of websites that actually used the function, and I understood how important it was to be able to see that someone else was making a purchase on my site while someone was browsing my site, thinking about making a purchase.Just almost seems like it's more incentive, because you know that you're dealing with a brand that is actively being, I guess, purchased from. So, as I installed the app, I expected it to be a bit difficult, and it was very easy to integrate. Just the opposite of what I thought.It was very easy to integrate and to gain understanding of how the app works to fulfill my needs as the e-commerce business. I wanna say that business and sales dramatically increased after I implemented the app onto my e-commerce store.I noticed immediately that items that, for instance, were bought, were in a matter of minutes, were bought right behind each other.It seems that just people getting the idea of what was bought and hey, that's something maybe I didn't come across, or maybe it's something else I need to add to my cart. It definitely, definitely made a difference. In terms of sales, I saw a immediate 10% increase.And as time followed, it definitely showed to be on a steady incline, based on just that small function of the being able to see every purchase that's being made while you're browsing my site. I definitely, definitely am grateful for Sales Pop.It's one of the best tools that I've come across to make my e-commerce business that much more easy.

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