Story Transcript

Daniel: Hi, everyone, my name's Daniel. I'm from the UK. I downloaded the Better Replay app because I wanted to see exactly what my clients are doing on my website.

Every bit of information I can get about where my clients are getting stuck or where they're getting lost or where they just can't find what they're looking for. Every clue is gonna help me make my client experience a little bit more streamline.

I don't wanna cause any confusion in my client's mind when they're on my website. And so, the Better Replay app allowed me to see exactly what they were doing and where they were getting stuck. So, there's not a better app I could recommend.

You're literally entering your client's eyes and watching what they're seeing and seeing where they're getting kind of stuck. So, I highly recommend this app, I'm surprised there's a free plan right now. So, I don't see why anyone wouldn't get it.

I gave it five stars and I just can't recommend it more. So, thanks a lot and keep the features coming in, keep them coming.

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