Story Transcript

Daniel: Hey there, I'm Dan from John Taylor Watches. We're an Australian based watch label, who ships worldwide. And we started in 2016, so we've been going for about four years now. When we came across Consistent Cart, we were using other apps and companies to try and capture Abandoned Carts.

At the time we were focusing on email and the result we were receiving was about 5% return from the companies.

Well, this is obviously reasonably low and a huge challenge we had was not being able to customize the emails that were going out both in the time that was sent but also in the images, because as you know sending an email consistent with your brand is essential.

So we came across Consistent Cart in 2018 and straight away I like the fact that we could customize all the emails, the images to fit in with our brand and we could customize the time they went out. So what we have set up is the first one goes out around an hour after the Abandoned Cart.

And the first two have a percentage offer and the third one has an increased percentage off. Previously we were receiving about a 5% recovery, and since 2018 we've been just over 15% using Consistent Cart.

So we are only using email and potentially gonna look at the other options shortly, but it's just been a game changer. And the other thing is, it also adds images of the products, which the individual had Editor Cart but didn't go ahead with the purchase.

So not only do they get the images of your brand and your marketing, but they're reminded of those products they added. So we've had a great result. You can customize the subject. Like I said, the time they go out, the amount of emails.

Yes, it's been excellent and we'd highly recommend Consistent Cart. Thanks.

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