Story Transcript

Deanna: Hey, my name is Deanna Foster. I'm from Toronto, Canada. And I just wanted to say how much Consistent Cart has made my life so much easier. Before, I was using a different application for every single thing that they offer. I was using one for abandoned carts, SMS.

Actually I had never even used push notifications before until they introduced me to them. And also Facebook message marketing and that's a huge one because the open rates are crazy. As an entrepreneur you're always trying to streamline, systemize, just make things easier for yourself.

And Consistent Cart does that because they have everything in a easy to use, one place hub. Getting started with the application is super simple. There's no coding or any of that advanced stuff that you don't need. And it gets you up and running just like that.

It's a very one, two, three step format. And you can have everything setup in honestly, about five to ten minutes.

What entrepreneur doesn't like that? I would a hundred, million times recommend Consistent Cart because the ROY alone for an entrepreneur is crazy because when you think about it, it saves you so much time and money from switching in between all these different applications because it's all in one place.

And you always want to give you customers the best experience possible.

And it does that with, you know, branding for the email campaigns and even, reaching them on their phone through Facebook marketing and of course, it helps with generating the most revenue and profit possible for your business and even ones that, you know, you might have missed through abandoned cart recoveries.

Absolutely recommend Consistent Cart. Because I don't even know how you would do things without it. It's been a life saver for me and my business. And it's saved me so much time so to me it's basically a necessity. Definitely, definitely recommend. Go get Consistent Cart.

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