Story Transcript

Dylan: Hello, my name is Dylan and today I'm going to give my review of a Shopify app known as Better Replay. So what I was looking for was something to see exactly what the customers were doing and how they were interacting with my website.

And what I wanted to find out from this was, Why customers were leaving? Why wasn't I getting any sales? What reasons makes a customer stay in? Like, what things make a customer leave? And so those were the main reasons I downloaded this app because I'd wanted to see how the recordings would work, and Better Replay overall has exceeded my expectations.

And that it not only shows you exactly where the customer is coming from, just to better determine whether Google ads was targeting the correct audience, but also it shows recordings of exactly how people are interacting with my website.

And it gives me a better feel for how long the sessions are, how high quality the sessions are, and also what people are looking at when they go to my website.

So once I figured out exactly what people were looking at and what they were seeing first, I tried to minimize the products I was selling to only the audience that I was getting.

And so once I did that, most of the people who are interested in those products started coming in more and started purchasing more items, and I kept getting more sales and a better conversion rate.

Once I was aware of like what customers saw when they went on the website and what they interacted with the most. I think it's a great app for users for Shopify owners to use especially in the beginning.

So you know exactly what your customers are doing on your website, how they're reacting, which pages they're visiting the most, whether they see your terms and conditions, and then you can optimize your shop according to that.

So it's a great feature and it's a great app and the recordings are extremely high quality, get a better feel for everything. And it's helping me improve my website in many different ways.

So I'm gonna use a shop in the upcoming years and I recommend this to anyone who's starting out a Shopify business, whether it's drop shipping or whether it's products that you create yourself, anything like in the Shopify field this app works very well.

So that's my testimonial for Better Replay and go download it. Thank you.

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