Story Transcript

Dylan: Hi my name's Dylan, and today I'm giving my testimony on the app Sales Pop, which I currently use on two of my e-commerce businesses.So, what the app Sales Pop allows you to do, is create social proof, and when visitors come onto your website, they will see in the bottom left or right of the screen, and a note will come up saying, "Someone recently purchased a product from your website," from whatever area they bought it from, so maybe London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, and that creates social proof and it allows new visitors, who have never heard of your brand before to trust a brand as people are thinking on their screens "oh, so-and-so has bought this "that means the website is legit" And the brand is like... they trust the brand more. Which will allow you to have a higher conversion rate, and people will trust the brand a lot, lot more. And I 100% recommend it. As my conversion rates have gone from looking about .8 to 1% from now going to 2 to 4 or 5% now, which I'm averaging every single day now, which is absolutely ridiculous. And as you can see right here, I made a sale all ready.. I'm making sales all ready on my Shopify business, right here all ready. I would not be able to do it without Sales Pop.As the conversion rates I've been seeing recently, after installing it, is absolutely amazing. I 100% recommend you get it on your e-commerce businesses.

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