Story Transcript

Dylan: Hello everyone. So today we're going to talk on building up better replay. So to not pirate discovered about two months ago, I was looking for a heat map or recording application on Shopify app store to increase my conversion rate.

So before using better replay, I was struggling to get sales, basic sales, just to get a $100 a day, I was struggling to do so. I basically didn't know what to do and what was wrong with my website, because I didn't know what the costumer was actually doing.

So I decided to find an app, as I said, to record what my customers would do, you analyze their whole mental proportion. Thanks to better replay, I can now get sales and increase my conversion rate on every single shop.

And this is what happened and say, must have for every single entrepreneur in the Ecom industry. After this experience, I realized what needed to change on my website. And I can now sell more. Thank you guys. And you should download this right now.

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