Story Transcript

Emil: Hey guys, what's up? Here's a quick testimonial about Better Replays. And yes overall, I'm very happy with the app. It's always my first choice, for example, if you compare to like Lucky Orange, I think Better Replays is way better because first of all, the pricing is better.

I think Lucky Orange, for example, they charge you very much money at a certain point. Better Replays is so easy to set up. You just install it, enable it and you can stop.

So it's nothing easier and I like the app so much because I have very much problems with my conversion rate and then I installed the app and I saw that I had a drop off and on certain points.

For example, if you have a mistake on the checkout and you see it on the app Better Replays, you can fix it and that's a way to increase the conversion for example.

And yes, I think it's just a very nice tool for Ecommerce overall because, what's better than seeing what the customers are doing on this site and fixing the problems for example. So a really honest testimonial, I really can recommend this app.

And I think it's just very nice and if you're not installing this app, you're really missing something. So have a nice day guys and see you.

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