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Emmanuel: What's up, everyone? My name's Emmanuel Daniel, and I'm from New York in the United States.What was life like before a Consistent Cart? Well, it was kinda difficult to retarget customers that abandoned carts at the checkout and it was very disheartening because of that because all these people that would go to the cart but for whatever reason just abandoned the cart or the checkout process and I had no way of retargeting them because with Shopify default it shows you the abandoned carts, but it only shows you the abandoned carts of people who have put their email address or subscribed to your newsletter or created an account and stuff like that so when I go on Shopify it shows me like two people or whatever or a small amount in general, but when I go in Consistent Cart it shows me all these people, sometimes it's anonymous, sometimes it has an email, or whatever were they're from, and it gives me the ability to retarget them with customized emails for them, so that's how it was before.Getting started it was kind of easy because Consistent Cart has this really simple and straightforward layout and it looks pretty modern and up-to-date. It has the different sections.Not only does it allow you to create a Consistent Cart and retarget people who abandoned cart, regardless of whether they have their email or whatever, but it has all of these other features that you can use and you should try it out for yourself because there's a lot of other features that I actually didn't know about it.I thought Consistent Cart only allowed you to do retargeting to get back people who abandoned carts or make it so that whatever thing that the customer added to the cart is maintained when they log back into their account even if they don't have an account on your website, so after setting up my product and working with our team, it was kind of smooth sailing.I really like the team as a matter of fact, I'm glad that I'm able to touch on that, but you're allowed to actually extend your free trial, so I highly recommend that you do that because while you're extending your free trial you're actually adding more features that can be very helpful and create more conversions on your website, so if I message a team member, they respond in a few hours.The latest they'll respond is in a day so they got your back, and they make sure everything goes perfectly so you're not getting ripped off or whatever, trust me.I would definitely recommend Consistent Cart to other people and I don't know who I would recommend it to, so so far I'm the only person that I know that's using Shopify and stuff or doing e-commerce.Lots of my friends are just going down the whole college, getting a degree pathway, but I'm doing something different, so I'm yet to meet someone else with that mindset.The closest I've ever gotten to networking with people with a different mindset are people doing forex and investing and stuff like that. I don't know if they're doing e-commerce, but I'll definitely recommend Consistent Cart to them. $30 a month and it increases as you scale your store.I'm pretty sure that's what I did, whatever a month you're paying to Consistent Cart, it's a good investment because you can get a ton of money back because think about it, if you're a customer on a website and you're adding to the cart, but you're like, oh I don't got my credit card on me or I'm gonna do this when I log in the desktop version for whatever reason, it's gonna be a lot more convenient to you if you can go back on and all of your stuff that you added to cart is still there instead of doing it over and over again 'cause of that mentality, but so far that's it.Bottom line, get Consistent Cart because it has features that you need to reach more conversions and more. Retargeting is very important. Thank you so much, Consistent Cart for all that you've done in like the seven days that I've known you guys.

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