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Eric: Hey, what's going on, and so I just wanted to give a quick review for Better Replay. So, I have this site right, and for a long time I just kind of let it go by the way side, I have a lot of products for it still, but I wasn't really like trying to push it very hard.

I have other businesses that I'm a part of, I'm starting up some new stuff. And then with this one, I was talking to a friend of mine, this girl I was dating at the time actually, and I was just giving her this cleanser for free.

It's like this skincare line, right? I was giving it to her for free, and she tried it out and she was floored by it, right? She was so floored by it, she was like, wait.

What is this? How much do you sell this for? She was shocked when I told her I was just trying to get rid of it, basically, I'm trying to sell it at cost.

Anyways, I didn't think much of it, until several times afterward, she would tell me over and over, like this is amazing stuff, you really should sell this for more. And it wasn't until she told me that this is like all she's using, that I thought, hey, I should push this harder.

And so I started by, I revamped my whole site, this site we've had for like seven years now. It's still been making sales, but I haven't been intentional at all about it.

Found out some cool stuff about it, and I had this massive idea for a campaign, and I changed everything around, and still no sales, and I was like, it was really weird, I was like, that's kinda odd. I remembered ages ago, I heard about heat maps.

And so I thought, you know, why not just get one to try, and just kinda just see what's happening with some visitors with this new thing I'm testing. Immediately, like, literally, I installed it, and within like two or three minutes, it was already looking at a visitor on my site.

Somebody from Australia, it was crazy. And it's Better Replay, it's what I'm using. What I learned in that little snippet, was so valuable. Number one, I was wondering, is that content the new content that I put out there, is it going to work, is it gonna do what I want it to do.

Now I learned that, no, it didn't result in a sale, no, they didn't want to get the coupon code that I was giving in that time. And so it made me think, like, well, maybe it's too soon, maybe they already have a product like this, it's just an info piece.

Maybe they just want to learn something real fast, but maybe, just maybe, they wanna learn something more about, not just my products, but more about how a product like this can help them, a custom skincare routine, and what about something personal to you like a quiz or something like that, right? I was thinking about all this stuff and what I learned though, was that they were patient enough to go and look through, number one the video that I had posted there, but also this extra text, this other stuff right here, they went through the entire thing over the course of like, two or three minutes or so.

It was a very quick read, but they went through all of it just skimming it. And I saw them scrolling down on their mobile device and it was ultra helpful.

(laughs) 'Cause number one, I know that there was no hang ups, that they were legitimately looking at each part of it, and so my content is working to educate them, but now I figured out I need to figure out a new offer to give to them.

I wouldn't have known that otherwise, I would have been guessing, had I not been looking at Better Replay. So, my hats are off to Better Replay, this is absolutely huge, and that was in the first couple minutes, I'm excited to see what other customers I'm gonna be getting with this.

This is like the end of the night too, I just started installing this. And so tomorrow, I anticipate I'm gonna have anywhere from like 50 to 70 visitors, I've been having that everyday for the past little while now.

And I wanna see how this new content piece effects them, I wanna see what they do with it before I make my next move, and before I take a lot of time to create something new that I think will be cool, but I don't really know until I get there yet, right? And so here's to Better Replay, thank you guys so much for putting out a really easy piece of software, a really easy app to add to my Shopify site.

This was immensely helpful. Thank you guys so much, I'm gonna be continuing to work with it and see what else I can do with it. All right, talk to you guys soon, bye.

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